Leap Year Proposing

Leap Year Proposing

Written by on 25 February 2012

A leap year has that one additional day, which only happens every four years. This day has a special tradition, which started in the 5th century in Ireland. February the 29th is the day that tradition suggests that a woman can propose to her man. It was believed to have been introduced to balance the traditional roles of men and women, in a similar way to how the extra Leap year day balances the calendar.

Man Proposing

Different countries have different rules for a leap day/year. Supposedly, a 1288 law by Queen Margaret of Scotland required that fines be levied if a marriage proposal was refused by the man; compensation ranged from a kiss, to £1, to a silk gown, in order to soften the blow.

In Denmark refusal must be compensated with 12 pairs of gloves.
In Finland, the tradition is that if a man refuses a woman's proposal on leap day, he should buy her the fabric for a skirt.
In Greece, marriage in a leap year is considered unlucky. One in five engaged couples in Greece will plan to avoid getting married in a leap year because of this.

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