Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Ring Styles

Written by on 2 March 2011

So you have decided to get engaged... but what’s next? How to decide on an engagement ring?! If you’re not sure what your style is it can be a pretty overwhelming! The best place to start is to try and work out what style you are going for. Check out magazines, the internet and books to help you decide what you do and do not like. From here you should be able to get an idea of the style you are after. If you are still at a bit of a loss here is a little breakdown of some options you could consider.


Vintage styles are and always will always be a classic popular option for designing engagement rings. If you love Victorian and Georgian styles this may be the option for you! Have a think about filigree detailing and intricate floral settings, if this is you cup of tea it might be the perfect option. Or perhaps Medieval, Gothic or even Celtic styles take your fancy!


Modern designs on the other hand steer away from the classic appeal of the antique solitaire engagement ring and instead favour bold and simplistic designs. Tacking inspiration from modern elements such as architecture and current trends they have a more youthful and uncomplicated feel to them.


Organic designs are another great option to consider and can open up a mass brainwave of possible designs! Consider the elements you could incorporate such as animal or insect deigns inspired by your favourite critters such as dolphins and butterflies. Or you could incorporate other elements of nature such as a seasonal themed item, or one based around an aspect of the world such as meadows, waves, mountains or the night sky. This can be a fabulous option for an engagement ring for a person inclined towards spiritually themed jewellery e.g. you could choose to have a moon inspired sing incorporating a moonstone as part of the engagement ring design.

Art Deco

If you gravitate towards more artistic styles when you consider your wedding ring or engagement ring perhaps Art Deco would be the best option for you. If baguette and emerald cut stones and floral motifs appeal to your sense of style this might be a good option. If motifs on the other hand are your forte, don’t forget you could always have a pattern engraved onto your wedding ring or engagement ring.


Symbolic designs are another popular design with elements such as love hearts or flowers forming a regular part of the design of wedding rings and engagement rings. Or you could even have an engagement ring inspired by places around the world like India, Australia, Paris, Egypt or New York... just let your mind run wild!
You should hopefully be wearing it for many years to come so be sure you are happy once you have made your mind up...now all you have to decide now is what design to go for... the choice is yours!