Different Cuts of Diamond

Different Cuts of Diamond

Written by on 20 July 2013

Traditionally the most popular cut of diamond is a circular brilliant cut. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because it has been cut in such a way that it means that it gives off the most amounts of brilliance and sparkle. The number of facets can vary from 57 to 58 depending on if the Culet has been cut also (the culet is the point at the very bottom of the diamond). The brilliant cut is the more modern of cuts, years ago there were various circular cuts and one of them was a rose cut. In a rose cut stone there is a flat bottom and no pavilion on the stone, it has a crown that is made up of lots of triangular cut facets giving it a beautiful older more subtle sparkle. The rose cut usually features 12 or 24 facets which normally meet to form a point at the top of the dome. Rose cuts are normally circular but can come in a few different shapes such as hexagonal - Antwerp rose, and the double Dutch rose looks like two rose cut diamonds fused together back to back. Rose cut diamonds are not that common any more and are normally found in antiques or in family jewellery passed down through the generations. There are so many different kinds of Cuts for an engagment ring.

A Trilliant cut diamond is another more unusual cut of diamond but is quite popular with our customers here at Harriet Kelsall jewellery design. There are variations of this cut; there are some Trilliant cut stones that have flat sides creating a more triangular appearance and some stones have bowed edges creating a more squat curvier looking triangle. The Trilliant cut was originally introduced into the industry by the Asscher brothers in Amsterdam.

The radiant cut diamond is a lovely combination between a brilliant cut and an emerald cut. It is a very popular cut of stone for diamond cutters because the cut enables less wastage and maximum brilliance. There are a couple of other more squarer cuts and these include the most popular princess cut diamond which can sometimes be known as a modern modified brilliant cut.

There are more unusual sounding cuts available on the market and some of these are the butterfly cut, horse cut and star cut. The shape and quality of the rough diamond will determine what cut the stone cutters will choose for that specific stone. These cuts utilise the shape of the rough diamond and make the best out of it creating a beautiful statement cut diamond.