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engagement rings - settings

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Learn about Settings

The setting for your diamond or gemstone is an intergral part of your engagement ring design. Here are the basic choices available to you:


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An engagement ring with all around and pavee settings

There are a number of choices available to you when it comes to setting your diamond or gemstone. The claw setting is perhaps the most common choice and is generally thought of as traditional as it was typically Victorian when the diamond engagement ring first became popular. However, by considering the shape and position of the claws a more modern engagement ring can be designed.

Of the setting generally considered to be more 'modern', the all around setting is the most frequently chosen. In actual fact, this is really the mosts traditional setting, harking back to Medieval, Roman and even Egyptian jewellery. The stone is secured all the way around hence this is a very safe setting.

The choice for setting small stones into the shoulders of your engagement ring include invisible setting, pave setting, channel setting, star setting and grain square settings. All of these settings allow you to add accent stones to your engagement ring design or can be great used differentlly for your central stone or cluster, thereby updating an antique style.

Considering the likely amount of wear your engagement ring will recieve is an important consideration as some settings are safer than others - remember, no adhesive is used in real gold and silversmithing, so your stone is 'mechanically' set into your engagement ring, with metal beautifully and skillfully folded over the stone holding it in place. Your design will discuss this and all the other aspects of choosing your engagement setting during your one to one consultation.

If you would like to arrange a consultation or have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us.